Monday, 31 October 2016

Cocoon Sunglasses Offer Protection Against UVA & UVB Rays

Cocoon sunglasses are most popular due to their many qualities. Cocoon is a leading eyewear brand in the market. It offers better eye comfort and is very durable. When you buy a pair of Cocoon sunglasses you can protect yourself from the ultraviolet (UV) radiation effectively. The wrap sound styles ensure you have no eye problems. Due to global warming, the ozone layer is depleting and the UV radiation is reaching our atmosphere. For this reason, all optometrists and eye specialists advice clients to get sunglasses so they can protect themselves from cataracts, eye irritation, and even skin cancer.

As you may know, not all types of lenses block the harmful UV rays and such glasses cannot save you from eye disease. UVB rays are regarded as more dangerous as compared to UVA rays. So look for lenses that can protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. The better quality lenses offer 100% protection, so only get the best.

If you have the light colored eyes you need to opt for blue-blocking lenses. Blue light can cause macular damage in you. When the sun is hot in summers people get blinded by the horizontal light waves that create a certain glare which causes you to squint. This adds to eye strain and therefore you need to get the polarized lenses that filter out such light.

Those who have to step in and out of the house or the office a lot will like the photochromic lenses that adjust to the changing light scenarios. When you step outside the lenses will become dark and while indoors they will get clear. If you are looking for a lightweight lens that can also resist impact then choose the polycarbonate lenses for your glasses. These days the mirrored lenses are popular for their scratch and fog resistance.

All in all, there are many types of lenses on the market that offer their unique functionality. It is best for you to get the lenses that keep your eyes comfortable and let you see more clearly. Cocoon sunglasses are designed to offer better visual clarity. Made of fine quality components these sunglasses last you for decades.

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