Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Matsuda Sunglasses: Hand-Crafted and Elegant

Matsuda sunglasses were once very expensive and only the high heeled could afford to show off these hand-made Japanese creations.  When the company stopped production, there was an immense shortage of Matsuda glasses on the market. This resulted in price escalation and some frames sold for as much as a $1,500. Eyeglass collectors like to get the unique items that are rated as the best. The quality of Matsuda is by far most superior to other brands. There is a lot of detail included in the Zyl frames which makes them look more distinguished. The iconic styles of the past were recreated in 1989 by Matsuda as part of his first eyewear collection, The Heritage Collection. The limited production made the demand for the same escalate in the market.

Matsuda 14615 NVU is hand-crafted in Japan and costs more than $400. But at Speert, you can get the same original legendary designer optical frame for only $69.95.  The 14615 NVU is 5.8" wide 1.85" high. Matsuda 14617 GPU is also hand crafted and features the triple layer matte Zyl temples. This frame sells for more than $400 in retail stores but at Speert, it is available at only $79.95. These comfy frames look very distinctive and elegant.

Get polarized lenses with the optical frames if you like or get the optical colored lenses with your type of lens and coatings. Get single, bifocals, or trifocals in the tints of your choice. After you place the order, it will be shipped to you promptly. Shipping is free for all Matsuda glasses within the country. Speert has been in business for more than six decades. It is able to offer its customers 80% discount on designer wear due to its excellent reputation with the fashion eyewear designers.

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