Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Cocoon Glasses Fit Over Any Prescription Glasses

Cocoon glasses are most popular these days. The optical grade glasses are designed to fit over any glasses.  A variety of sizes are available online for both men and women. Cocoons are known as the pioneer brand in fitovers. The glasses have modern features and high-quality components. If you are looking for a comfortable pair of glasses that will last you long, choose from the Cocoon collections showcased online at the leading eyewear websites.

In climates where the snow is heavy, people like to use the Cocoons fitovers that provide complete protection from weather conditions. The scratch resistant polarized lenses are known to improve visual clarity.

The high-quality components used in the glasses make it a preferable choice over other glasses on the market. Cocoons fitover sunglasses, clip-ons and flip-ups come with the proprietary Polaré lens system for optical grade visual perspicacity and durability. For this reason, Cocoons are a favorite with anglers and skiers.

When you buy a Cocoon on a website you can choose the right one to wear over your prescription glasses. The dimensions of the Cocoons frames are displayed on the web page and it also tells you the maximum size of the prescription glasses that it can be worn with. This makes shopping for the right pair that fits over your existing prescription glasses much easier. All Cocoons come with adjustable temple tips, lifetime warranty, and a case. All products made by Cocoons provide 100% UV protection.

Choose from a nice collection of lens colors that include, gray, hazelnut, copper, mirror, orange, yellow, and more! The clip ons also come in exciting shapes and colors. They feature polarized UV400 and a freeflow bridge system. You also get a free hard case and a lifetime warranty with the clip-ons. The sizing chart allows you to make the right choice online.

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